Spline Based Hair for Digital Humans

Our main goal is to simplify the intricate task of crafting CGI haircuts for digital humans. Unlike the automated scan process, the creation of hairstyles is a meticulous manual endeavor. Our skilled artists utilize the extensive image library available from our advanced rig to conduct a thorough analysis of the hairstyle’s shape, painstakingly reproducing each primary strand with great care and precision.

Our grooming techniques are executed using XGen for Maya, resulting in the generation of intricate and realistic hair simulations. These simulations can be conveniently exported as Alembic files, ensuring compatibility with various software and rendering platforms.

Furthermore, our groomed hairstyles for digital humans can be seamlessly integrated into real-time environments, such as Unreal Engine, adding versatility to their application. Additionally, upon request, we are equipped to produce customized hair solutions for Houdini, catering to specific project needs and requirements.

Cards Based Hair

For scenarios demanding high-quality, and performance, spline based real-time hair representations can be too heavy.
We offer an alternative solution using haircards and alpha textures. This approach allows us to maintain the same level of detail and realism in hairstyles while optimizing their performance for real-time applications.

If you are not sure of your needs, let us know how you intend to use your avatar and we will let you know which solution is best suited to your project. Splines based hair offers the most faithful and photorealistic render, enabling lifelike simulations, while hard cards can work on any type of device or resolution, a natural solution if you are targeting platforms like VR or mobile.