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Avatar of music artist Mylène Farmer by Scan Engine

Avatars for music artists

In recent years, we’ve had the privilege of creating avatars for some of the most renowned music artists, singers and visionary directors while working on futuristic experiences for the music industry. Our avatar technologies offer a versatile array of interactive experiences within the realm of music:

Music videos

The integration of avatars (or digital doubles) of singers opens up exciting possibilities for crafting highly creative visuals that complement the artistic direction of a single. Through the use of our 3D scanning technology, artists are able to reach new levels of creative ambition and shed a new light on their work.

Live shows

When coupled with a robust motion design vision, our 3D avatars can be dynamically showcased during live performances, adding an innovative dimension to stage productions.

Thank to our scan data the italian studio Reef created an avatar of the italian singer Salmo. They were able to create some increadible visuals for the sow !

Immersive and gaming experiences

Leveraging techniques and platforms originating in video games like Unreal Engine, an increasing number of artists are exploring novel ways to connect with their fans through immersive experiences. These break free from traditional boundaries and can be enjoyed on a multitude of display platforms.

A wide range of music collaborations

Among other projects, our contributions extended to pioneering the first French metaverse concert: the Fortnite experience featuring Aya Nakamura. Over the past few years, we’ve also had the privilege of collaborating with an array of major singers, including Woodkid, OrelSan, Kanye West, Mylène Farmer, Martin Garrix, Rim’K, Salmo, and Baby K.

Furthermore, we’ve had the opportunity to join forces with some of the industry’s most innovative directors and partners, including Woodkid, Quentin Deronzier, Epic Games, Mado XR, and Reef Studio, further solidifying our commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology in the music industry.