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3D scan of Isabelle Huppert

3D scans for art pieces

Our cutting-edge 3D scan technology finds application across a spectrum of artistic endeavors, granting creative minds the freedom to explore uncharted territories of expression without constraints.

One remarkable collaboration from the past involved 3D artist Frederik Heyman, who harnessed our 3D scans to manifest a series of images featuring various personalities. By facilitating the transformation of Isabelle Huppert into a virtual embodiment, we enabled Heyman to bring his unique vision to life.

Furthermore, we had the privilege of collaborating with Anne Imhof for her recent exhibition “Youth” at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Here, we played a pivotal role in the creation of a complete 3D avatar for her muse, Eliza Douglas. Imhof’s vision for the exhibition and the 3D avatar’s role in it are eloquently discussed in her interview

The realm of 3D prints emerges as another compelling avenue for artistic exploration. Artists can leverage the incredible precision of 3D scans to craft lifelike statues, which can then serve as a canvas for their creative visions. Additionally, 3D scanning can immortalize live performances as tangible objects, as exemplified by our collaboration with the Théatre Chaillot, where we preserved the essence of dancers from the show “Planet” (Damien Jalet / Kohei Nawa) in the form of 3D-printed artifacts.