Our 3D Scanning Studio

Human 3D Scanning Session with French actor Pierre Niney

Scan engine

Scan Engine is a cutting-edge 3D scanning studio specialized in digital humans and human avatars. The studio was created in 2017 by the founders of the award-winning 3D animation & VFX studio Unit Image and was originally tailored to suit their needs for photorealistic human characters for high end use cases.

Our studios, located in the heart of Paris, include a complete world-class body and face scanning rig as well as meeting spaces, lounges and changing rooms to accommodate your talent and ensure the best working conditions possible.

Human 3D Scanning Technology

The original purpose of Scan Engine was to reach unprecedented levels of quality for 3D human character creation and human facial animation for the European territories. A close association with Unit Image made it possible to refine the production pipeline and consequently improve its robustness and efficiency through the feedback of modelers, animators and rendering artists at Unit Image who integrated the results in state-of-the art full CG productions.

Photogrammetry Studio Setup

Our photogrammetric 3D scanning studio includes 190 cameras and a complete set of lights on a modular 360° lightweight structure, covering all angles of the human figure. The setup also features 36 Canon 5D for face 3D captures, enabling a level of detail of 50 Mpx in order to faithfully reproduce expression and skin details.

Additionally, our rig keeps on evolving, including 4D, cross polarization capabilities and always increasing in resolution. Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn about our latest developments!

A Team Specialized in 3D Humans

Behind Scan Engine is a team of passionate experts with decades of combined experience working on 3D scanning and photorealistic human characters: photogrammetry specialists, modelers, texturing artists, animators. Scan Engine can also leverage the pool of talents from its parent company, Unit Image, which features world-class VFX experts who ensure that each project conforms to the highest standards.