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Head & Body 3D Scanning

A glimpse of our Photogrammetry Rig in Action featuring Luka Dončić

Photogrammetry Services in Paris

Our photogrammetry rig, based in Paris, consists of 190 DSLRs, including 36 Canon 5DSR cameras, following a concept developed by Lee Perry-Smith. These cameras are synchronized to trigger simultaneously, capturing images within 1/100th of a second around the subject in order to create a 3D model.

Our setup is highly adaptable, allowing us to perform full-body 3D scans in a traditional A-pose, as well as scans of characters in dynamic poses, such as jumping or performing dance moves. When conducting face 3D scans, all our lenses are meticulously focused on the subject’s head, and we employ additional long lenses to ensure the highest quality facial data capture. Switching between different configurations takes only 20 minutes, allowing us to capture various body shots and facial scans within the same session.

Our photogrammetry rig is equipped with a screen that enables us to display acting references, assisting our talent in delivering their best performances.

Blendshapes and high poly blendshape scanning services

Our 3D Scanning Studio

Located in the heart of Paris, our photogrammetry studio offers optimal conditions for our clients. The scanning room allows your crew to actively participate in the capture process, and our talents benefit from a dedicated dressing room.

For remote 3D scan sessions, clients can monitor and even direct the process from anywhere in the world through conference calls. We also offer additional services, including dedicated meeting rooms and catering accommodations tailored to your specific requirements.

Casting services

We provide a comprehensive casting service to assist our clients in finding the ideal profiles for their projects. Given that Paris is a diverse global city, we have the capability to scout individuals of various ethnicities and nationalities. We can conduct both agency and open casting sessions.

Our casting process begins with a briefing from our client, where we handle all aspects of fee negotiations and contract management, and we also manage the actors on set to ensure a seamless production experience.