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custom metahumans

What are MetaHumans?

MetaHumans by Epic Games is an advanced technology and platform designed to create highly realistic and customizable digital human characters for various applications, including video games, film, virtual production, and augmented reality. These characters are known for their exceptional realism, with intricate facial expressions and a high level of detail that closely resembles real humans. They are also easy to use and are on track to become an industry standard in terms of accessible 3D human characters.

MetaHumans have revolutionized character design and animation by streamlining workflows and finding applications across multiple industries beyond gaming and entertainment, such as architecture and training simulations. It offers a powerful solution for those seeking to create lifelike digital humans with unprecedented realism and quality without having the in-house abilities and means to invest in a complex human body and facial rigs or complex skin material setups.

Custom MetaHumans by Scan Engine

Epic Games’ introduction of Metahuman has undeniably set a remarkable standard for quality and defined a comprehensive feature set that has reverberated throughout the entire entertainment industry. As a result, an increasing number of our clients are seeking the same level of quality and compatibility in their projects.

In response to this demand, we are excited to introduce a groundbreaking service that allows for the creation of a scanned character rigged as a MetaHuman. This character not only retains all the unique body and facial properties of the scanned talent but also matches the quality and features of a MetaHuman.

The skeleton is expertly retargeted to the scan, rig expressions are finely tuned to align with the actor’s scanned expressions, and we provide a fully functional blueprint along with a rigging scene in Maya. As with the previous option, custom hair styling can be incorporated to enhance the character’s individuality.

In both cases, our objective is to deliver unparalleled quality and compatibility, meeting the evolving expectations set by the industry standard that MetaHuman has introduced.