Fully Cleaned Scan by Scan Engine

Our team is able to deliver either the raw data from our 3D scans or different levels of cleaning. Below is a summary of each option; if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

raw data

As part of our basic services, we offer clients the raw data obtained from our 3D scans, which includes:

1. Photo Sets: Clients receive the output from our cameras for each selected shot, with an additional color-checker shot to aid in color grading.

2. Raw Scans: Clients receive a raw scan model generated using Reality Capture. The scan can be delivered at the desired poly count resolution, and textures can be exported in the preferred resolution and format.

This raw output is ideal for customers who already have 3D modeling capabilities and wish to process the data in their own pipeline; it is also the fastest type of delivery, as the results can be ready right after the shoot.

cleaned data

Side by Side comparison of our Raw Output, a simple 3D Scan Clean and a Full 3D Scan Clean

We regularly clean the 3D scan data for our clients, offering two options:

1. Simple 3D Scan Clean: Ideal for customers looking to create a basic turntable of our models or a 3D printed version. This option involves an automatic retopology to eliminate visible artifacts found in areas like hair, finger junctions, and nails. All artifacts are removed, and textures are reprojected.

2. Complete 3D Scan Clean: This comprehensive clean-up option ensures the 3D model is ready for real-time or offline applications and has been successfully employed in major productions such as The Killer by David Fincher (featuring our scan of Michael Fassbender) and the Baldur’s Gate 3 Trailer by Unit Image. Using the client’s topology or our own, we meticulously create a production-ready human character, paying close attention to precise placement of facial and body landmarks on the scan.

All artifacts are meticulously removed, and the scan surface is fine-tuned. Textures are reprojected onto single or multiple UDIMs, then cleaned to eliminate remaining artifacts and conceal unwanted parts of the scan. We apply fine-detail geometry to restore skin details, and the geometry information is baked into standard maps such as displacement, normal, ambient occlusion, and more.

Optional selection

Following a 3D scanning shoot, our clients receive a comprehensive contact sheet containing all the shots, each presented with multiple camera angles in an Excel file format. This gives clients the option to make their own selection of shots to be processed, and later deciding which 3D scans must be cleaned, which can be useful when dealing with dynamic subjects such as facial expressions or specific poses. This process is a way to ensure that clients retain creative control and are able to oversee the scanning process in a simple manner, from start to finish.