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What are the technical specs of your 3D scanning rig?

Our photogrammetry rig includes 190 cameras, including 36 Canon 5D cameras with a 50 Mpx resolution for facial scans.

Can you scan items as well?

We can also scan items and smaller objects by combining our photogrammetry scanning rig and laser scanning gear.

Can you deliver raw results or a cleaned model?

We can deliver both, depending on your needs. We can provide shooting photos, a raw model, a cleaned model or even a rigged and production-ready Metahuman.

Can I provide my own topology?

Yes, we can use any topology provided by the client in order to deliver production-ready models.

Can you deliver a rigged model?

We can deliver a fully rigged Metahuman model ready for body and facial animation; note that we do not create custom rigs for our models.

Can you create additional props, clothing, hairstyles?

We can scan or model any props or clothing pieces you may need for your 3D character, and we can reproduce any hairstyle you need, either as hair strands or hair cards.

What is the resolution of your textures?

Our models are delivered with 8k textures which can be adapted to any UV and UDIM layout; for facial features, these are based on captures done with our Canon 5DSR cameras with a resolution of 50 Megapixels.