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3D Scans of Fashion icon Hunter Schaefer for Mugler

3D scans for fashion projects

In an era where 3D technology is steadily gaining prominence in the fashion industry, our activity in Paris, the world capital of fashion, has naturally fostered our expertise in 3D scanning tailored to fashion projects. Our avatar technologies have been harnessed to create a diverse array of experiences, serving as a testament to their versatility:

3D Scans for Digital Fashion

Our 3D scans lend themselves to a myriad of applications, including 3D stores, illustrations, videos, or even video games. Our 3D models can be duplicated, modified, and animated just like characters in a video game or a movie, enabling boundless possibilities for fashion displays.

3D Scans for Fashion Design (CLO)

Designing clothing in 3D offers numerous advantages, from rapid prototyping to seamless fitting. At Scan Engine, we empower our partners to enhance efficiency by scanning their models, resulting in perfectly accurate avatars. These avatars align precisely with the measurements of their real-life counterparts and serve as an ideal base to design clothing in CLO for the specific morphology of your model.

Realistic statues

Whether intended for display in stores or as captivating additions to a fashion show, our ultra-realistic scans provide the ideal solution for statues and life-sized sculptures for showcasing the volume and depth of an outfit with a wealth of creative freedom.

Shooting at Scan Engine

We recognize the unique challenges that come with fashion photography and are well-equipped to assist with the logistics of your fashion shoots. Additionally, we offer the convenience of providing large spaces for dressing rooms, closed lounge areas for staff and guests, storage spaces for your collections, and dedicated rooms for hair stylists, makeup artists, and costume (HMC) setups, ensuring a seamless and efficient shooting process.

Vogue on avatar technologies

Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of fashion technology recently led to a special collaboration with Vogue and major French influencer Lena Situations, showcasing a unique fashion project which leverages our 3D scans. We had the privilege of hosting them at our office to explore the myriad possibilities that our technologies offer to fashion designers and brands, opening new horizons for creativity and innovation in the industry.