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Tax Rebate for International Productions

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What is the Tax Rebate for International Productions?

The Tax Rebate for International Productions (TRIP) offers an enticing opportunity for filmmakers considering shooting their projects in France. Administered selectively by the CNC, TRIP provides a substantial rebate of up to 30% (or even 40% if the French VFX expenses surpass €2 million) on qualifying expenditures incurred within France, with a maximum cap of €30 million per project. To be eligible, projects must incorporate elements that are closely tied to French or European culture, heritage, and territory.

Eligibility criteria for TRIP encompass projects that allocate at least €250,000 or 50% of their global budgets to French expenditures and, for live-action works, entail a minimum of 5 days of shooting in France. This generous rebate can make a significant impact on a project’s budget, with the potential to reach the €30 million maximum threshold.

Incorporating elements related to French culture, heritage, and territory is imperative for approved works, and this aligns with a cultural test specific to each genre, be it live action or animation.

The Killer by David Fincher filmed in Paris

Scan Engine and TRIP

It’s worth noting that 3D scanning expenses can be included within the VFX envelope for TRIP, providing additional opportunities for cost savings and creative enhancements. Should your project require the scans of talent, local or international, collaborating Scan Engine will participate in increasing the eligibility of your project for a tax rebate.

Furthermore, qualifying for the TRIP program can lead to international exposure and recognition within the vibrant French film industry, making it a valuable opportunity for filmmakers seeking cost-effective and artistically enriched production options. For comprehensive information and guidance on TRIP, filmmakers are encouraged to explore the CNC website to make the most of this valuable incentive program.

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