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Clothes Scanning & Modeling

The challenge of scanning clothing

Cloth materials present an ever-evolving set of unique challenges due to their diversity in textures, glossiness, roughness; a simple belt made of brown leather, a shiny brass buckle and a plain white seam can require a fair amount of work if it is intended for photorealistic use. The way clothes are deformed, shaped and twisted by our movements also pose an animation challenge, and their simulation can be quite complex. Our team’s knowledge in dealing with clothing scanning, simulation and photorealistic environments, as showcased by our work in photorealistic world-class films, ensures that we are able to tackle each project with the care it deserves.

3D Capture of Lena Situations in a dress, with Vogue

Additionally, our extensive experiences collaborating with prestigious fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Chanel and Versace have empowered us to confront some of the most demanding surfaces for 3D scanning, including intricate medieval knight armor, lustrous leather, and unforgiving plaster, among others. We are also used to handling valuable collections and have learned over the years to respect the craftsmanship, artistry and expertise behind such projects.

Retopologized clothes

In the realm of creating a comprehensive avatar, CGI clothing assumes a pivotal role. We employ a meticulous breakdown of the capture process to gain a precise understanding of each individual element comprising the outfit, resulting in distinct scans of items like pants, shoes, and t-shirts, among others. Particular emphasis is placed on the patterns, with each pattern undergoing manual retopologization.

This method ensures not only clean UVs but also an aesthetically pleasing topology conducive to deformation, akin to what one would expect from cloth designed in tools such as Marvelous Designer. Following this, we meticulously project all surface details from the scan, with our skilled artists ensuring precise projection and the cleansing of textures.

Clothing modeling

Upon request, our highly skilled team of artists is able to create clothing entirely from scratch, utilizing industry-standard tools like CLO or Marvelous Designer. This enables us to provide you with bespoke clothing items tailored to your specific vision and requirements, ensuring a seamless fit for your projects and productions.

This is a perfect solution for projects which require custom, production-ready characters, or when the desired clothing is not available for scanning. If you need bespoke clothes modeling, let us know and we will provide you with all the information you need.