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Louis Vuitton – Virgil Abloh – Men’s Spring-Summer 2022

In July 2021, we were honoured to collaborate with Louis Vuitton and his director Virgil Abloh

We 3D scanned several models with different outlook of the collection summer 2022. The goal of those 3D scans was to create life size statues of those outfits.
During the scanning session we also did a series of scans of Virgil Abloh.

All the statues have been created by Louis Vuitton and were placed in various stores around the world (Paris, Miami, Tokyo).

A monumental statue of Virgil Abloh was created by Louis Vuitton for a show that was located in Miami.
Sadly Virgil Abloh passed away just before this show and this statue has turned out to be such a wonderful tribute to Virgil Abloh.